From Ponce de Leon and his fountain of youth to the health-food faddist today, everyone seems troubled by the fact that “outwardly we are wasting away” (2 Cor. 4:16). Yes, we must admit that we all are getting older. After the mid-thirties are reached in a person’s age it becomes harder and harder to achieve that optimal balance of mind, body and spirit which we call health. Up till that time the body and mind has been growing to the point of maturity, now there is an increasingly more obvious decline of the powers of mind and body. The digestive system is producing less enzymes, the immune system is not so quick to respond and we notice little things like wounds and cuts that take longer to heal. But why lose heart? The moment we start to live, this process of aging has begun and there is nothing we can do to stop it. As the rest of that Bible verse we quoted at the first of this lesson says, “yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day”. Isn’t this the ideal? To actually have youth from within and a constantly refreshed spirit?

Yes, there are some very definite things that we can do to stave off disease and pre-mature aging that we will discuss in this lesson, yet the positive aspects of love, hope and joy in the knowledge of sins forgiven and the assurance of eternal life are most important. So as we go into this lesson we hope that you will avail yourself of the free Know Your Bible Correspondence Course offered at the end of these pages. There is no obligation and no one will call at your door if that is what you wish. If you do care to take this excellent Course, maybe you can know the peace that passes human understanding. So whether you are six or sixty, you can know a healthy, everlasting life.

Growing Older is a Slow Process

From your early thirties onward, the 60 million cells in your body start to change. Basically, each cell has a limited life after which it self-reproduces through the process of mitosis; cell division. The parent cell dies. While you are reading this page, thousands of your cells are dying. But at the same time many thousands more are being created.

Some kinds of cells reproduce faster than others. EXAMPLE: Fat cells reproduce slowly. Skin cells reproduce every eight hours. You also lose about one thousand brain cells a day; they must be replaced if you want to maintain good mental health.

From your thirties on, you may think it is all downhill. You may feel it when you see more and more wrinkles and creases, find it difficult to keep physically active, become bothered by recurring pains, and have a gloomy or negative outlook on life. The following is a check-list of the signs of so-called aging:

–By age 55 you have a reduced sense of taste.

–You have lost much of your ability to smell.

–Your muscles lack tone; facial and arm muscles in particular start to sag.

–Hair and nails lack luster and break easily.

–Skin looks dry with less elasticity, giving you a wrinkled, creased, or sagging appearance.

–Blood pressure is too high. Arteries become plugged. Breathing requires more effort. Fatigue is a wearying problem…

Can this Aging be Halted or Reversed? The answer is yes if you simply follow some of the things that you have already learned in this Miracle Makeover Course. You can reconstitute your cells, immunize against premature disintegration, rejuvenate your molecules, and tap the “fountain of youth” within your body. You can do more than refresh your cells. You can rejuvenate your entire body…inside and outside!

Six Causes of Aging and How to Reverse Them

Longevity scientists and gerontologists (specialists in the study of aging) have found that while aging is a complex procedure occurring simultaneously at many levels in the body, it can be categorized in six basic headings. When you know the reasons why you are aging, you may then use the natural antidotes to reverse the threat to your youth. Check this set of age-causing factors and then set out to use the molecular-rejuvenation programs to build immunity to these risks:

1. DNA Damage. DNA ( deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecular basis of heredity of virtually all living organisms and is located in each cell nucleus. DNA is a nucleic acid composed of units called nucleotides. The DNA molecule is constantly being damaged by forces within your cells and exposure to pollutants that you breathe and eat. DNA is biologically empowered with a built-in repair mechanism; but if this is overwhelmed, aging takes place as your damaged molecules disintegrate and die. YOUTH REMEDY: Protect your DNA by avoiding chemical assault as much as possible. Foods and beverages should be as free of artificial additives as possible. Read labels of packaged products. Use fresh foods as much as you can. Protect yourself against environmental pollution. You will stay younger longer if you are able to live and work in a chemical-free and healthier atmosphere.

2. Gene Expression. Nutritional scientists have discovered that aging can be caused by changes in the activation of specific genes. In brief, a gene is the basic unit of hereditary material which is carried to a particular place on a chromosome. When the process of gene expression goes awry, the aging clock ticks faster. YOUTH REMEDY: Genes depend upon a balance of amino acids, preferably from a low-animal-fat source. Try a combination of grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables to give youth-extending amino acids to your genes.

3. Your Internal Clock. The so-called aging signals are supposedly biologically programmed so that your cells die after they have divided a specific number of times. Your goal here is to reset this internal clock so it can be slowed down, perhaps halted. In so doing, you slow the splitting and dying of your cells. YOUTH REMEDY: Cells react in a negative manner when assaulted by corrosive substances such as sugar, salt, and caffeine. These substances trigger cellular disintegration, even in small amounts; premature aging is the penalty. They “rust” your internal clock, cause cellular confusion, and bring on aging. Your simple but lifesaving remedy is to spare your cells the destructiveness of these dangerous poisons: Avoid sugar, salt, and caffeine in all forms. You will be rewarded with strong molecules and your internal clock will work in your youthful favour, not against it!

4. Your Immune System. Your body needs strength to resist infection. Without this inner strength, there is a breakdown in your immune barrier. You become vulnerable to one illness after another. A strong and well nourished immune system builds resistance to molecular infection and aging. Infants and young people are biologically programmed with strong cells to enable them to resist debilitating illnesses; even if infected, they recover rapidly because of this inner reserve and strength. This is possible for older folks, too. YOUTH REMEDY: Strengthen your store of lymphocytes (white blood cells). These cells work together with enzymes to fight off the threat of viral and other infections. Boost your intake of fresh raw citrus fruits and juices on a daily basis. These are prime sources of bioflavonoids and ascorbic acid, key nutrients that replenish your cells and give them power to strengthen your immune system. Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are excellent sources of these elements that give a boost to your resistance to infection.

5. Your Brain. This organ has allowed humans to rule other species, walk on the moon, and compose masterpieces of literature, art and music. The human brain – a spongy, three-pound mass of gray and white matter – has functions as a radiator that cools the blood, a “switchboard”, and a supercomputer. This single organ directs all the major acts of living. The brain controls all bodily activities, from heart rate and physical health to emotion and learning. It influences the body’s immune-system response and affects how well you respond to nutritional treatment. In short, it is what keeps you young! But like other body cells, those of the brain tend to age rapidly. The difference is that, unlike other cells (as in the kidney or liver, for example), brain cells are not replaced as often as needed. This means that as you age, you have brain cell loss. Senility, whether simple forgetfulness or complete loss of memory, can be a decisive blow to your health. And it can happen as early as your middle fifties. YOUTH REMEDY: Nutritional scientists believe that the nutrient choline is able to strengthen the neurotransmitters, or “telegraph signals,” between nerve systems in your brain. Choline helps replenish and rejuvenate cells to help you think young. Choline is available as a supplement; it is especially potent in a food called lecithin. Derived from soybeans or sunflower seeds, lecithin is the key to having a “young mind” in a “young body” – they go together.

6. Your Thymus Gland. Located at the base of your neck, above and in front of your heart, the thymus gland releases hormones that manufacture vital age-fighting antibodies to fight off infectious bacteria and many fatal illnesses. A problem here is that after puberty, the thymus gradually shrinks. This means a reduction in the hormone thymosin along with other co-factors that guard you against debilitating illnesses. You may begin to age right after puberty if your thymus gland is malnourished. YOUTH REMEDY: To help invigorate your thymus, nourish it with gland-stimulating amino acids from a meatless source, since excessive fat could clog the gears of your youth clock. Whole grains, pasta, nuts, seeds, legumes, and peas are some of the foods to be included in your eating program every day to help your thymus continue to release the essential thymosin which you need to protect you against aging, infections, and illnesses. This youth remedy builds your immune fortress which may well be the most valuable remedy in your program to extend your prime of life.

When you use these methods on a daily basis you will help halt and reverse the aging process. You will be the picture of youth…thanks to healthy molecules and cells, the foundation of self-rejuvenation.

Free Radicals – How to Diffuse the Threat of Aging.

Why people grow old is a problem that has long been pursued by molecular biologists. The solution appears to be at hand with the identification of the presence of free radicals in the body. These are the villains that bring on illness and aging. Defuse these free radicals and you may resist illness and slow or reverse aging.

What are Free Radicals?

As we have discussed in previous lessons, free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can be produced by low levels of radiation or by the normal metabolism of fats in your body, and by exposure to chemical toxins. Free radicals are damaging to other molecules, because each free radical contains an unpaired electron. They can and do attach to other molecules, damaging DNA, cell membranes, and other cell structures. These highly corrosive, oxidizing fragments, react with essential biochemicals in the cells, rendering them useless. They can also modify DNA and upset the program of cell reproduction. Free radicals are to blame for arthritis, headaches, toxemia of any sort, body organ weakness, and aging. Free radicals are suspected of being the mechanism by which dormant cancer cells become activated to wreak havoc in your body.

What Causes Cellular Destruction?

You cannot live without oxygen; it gives you life. But it can also cause destruction. Free radicals, which are tiny molecular fragments, are extremely unstable substances. They are activated by oxygen to combine with unsaturated fats to form peroxides, which damage cells and their protective membranes. This damage accumulates over the years and shows itself as tell-tale age spots, wrinkling tissue, organ injury, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, weak brain neurotransmitters, and injured blood vessels -aging.

You Can See This Aging Process at Work

Look at a stick of butter that has been left out in the open for a period of time: it becomes rancid. Cut open an apple and watch it turn brown. Look at any perishable food that has been exposed to the elements. The food becomes rancid because free radicals have attacked it. This happens within your systems to your own cells and molecules.


Your goal is to control the process of oxidation, which turns fats or lipids into substances that can damage your cells and cause illness. You need antioxidants as a natural antidote to the threat of free radicals. Antioxidants are substances that knock out the destructive free radicals. In brief, free radicals trigger the aging process by damaging your cells. Antioxidants control and eliminate excessive free radicals so you have more cellular resistance. Youth is extended along with its healthy benefits.

Even if your DNA has been damaged by free radicals, antioxidants help stimulate speedy repairs. These youth-savers help replace the lipids otherwise damaged in your membranes. Antioxidants act as cleansers or scavengers by searching out and neutralizing free radicals, often before any molecular damage is done. So you can see that antioxidants may well be the “fountain of youth” within your body.

Five Powerful Rejuvenating Anti-oxidants

These antioxidant nutrients are found in specific foods. Include a variety of these foods in your daily menu and you will provide your body with a source of rejuvenation from within. And these foods are so readily available, there is no excuse for not having them in your plan for healthy living.

1. Beta carotene. A precursor of vitamin A, beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant. It is found in foods of plant origin. Beta carotene is a very effective quencher of singlet oxygen, or toxic wastes. This nutrient devours damaging free radicals and helps wash them out of your cells and molecules. FOOD SOURCES: papaya, sweet potato, collard greens, carrot, cantaloupe, broccoli, butternut squash, watermelon, peach, apricot, endive, kale and mango.

2. Vitamin C. This vitamin is also known as ascorbic acid. It is needed to repair the molecular damage of somatic mutations; errors that alter your cells so they can no longer function properly. This condition not only causes internal breakdown but brings on aging through the formation of free radicals. Vitamin C uses collagen, a natural body-formed “cement” that binds your cells together and protects against breakdown. Vitamin C is essential to help prevent oxidation of many fatty foods. Its potent anti-aging effect takes place inside the cell, in its watery fluid. It soaks up free radicals and helps wash them out of your body. FOOD SOURCES: citrus fruit and juice, (orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, lime), strawberries, guava, green and red pepper, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, potato.

3. Vitamin E. This nutrient is especially valuable for defusing free radicals. Vitamin E is attracted to cell membranes, because they contain large amounts of fatty acids and vitamin E is fat soluble. The cell membrane is like a sandwich of fatty layers, with vitamin E in the middle, protecting the fats from oxidation. Vitamin E oxidizes instead, soaking up free radicals. Preventing oxidation of the cell membrane can actually extend the life of a cell. In particular, this vitamin prolongs the life of red blood cells exposed to harmful ultraviolet light, which can accelerate premature aging of the cells. FOOD SOURCES: wheat germ, sunflower seeds, nuts, unrefined foods, green leafy vegetables; especially potent in wheat germ oil, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower seed oil.

4. Selenium. Selenium is a little-known but powerful age-fighting trace mineral. It has been reported that in areas of the country with naturally high soil levels of this mineral, there are significantly lower cancer death rates. In contrast, where soil is deficient in selenium, there are higher incidences of cancer of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, rectum, liver, pancreas, lungs, bladder, and breast. This antioxidant helps cells live longer by preserving cell membranes. Selenium lets various metabolites form into clusters but with an unusual distinction – it prompts harmful wastes to escape. Otherwise, if these wastes (such as free radicals) were allowed to accumulate, then trillions of cells would die all the sooner. Selenium helps produce a special enzyme which turns peroxides into harmless water. Selenium is a valuable antioxidant that can save your youth…and your life. FOOD SOURCES: unrefined whole grains, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, cabbage, cucumber, seafood. (Selenium content varies according to where the vegetables were grown.)

5. Zinc. This mineral is a part of an important enzyme which protects cells against injury from oxidants and free radicals. Your ability to absorb zinc decreases with age, so it is important to increase intake when you reach your forties. The everyday stresses of trauma, environmental pollution, and wounds can drain your body’s zinc supply. Zinc also plays an important role in energy and protein metabolism. It acts as a catalyst (helper) in many biological reactions. For instance, although not a part of the hormone insulin, it is needed for insulin to work; it plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism. Zinc boosts the vigor of your age-fighting white blood cells to promote healing. Zinc boosts the strength of your immune system. FOOD SOURCES: nuts, wheat germ, wheat bran, cheddar cheese, seafood.

SPECIAL TIP: Phytic acid, present in cereal bran, decreases absorption of zinc. A moist, warm environment, however, such as the one produced when whole grains are made into baked products, destroys the phytic acid and increases zinc absorption.

Directory of Youth-extending Foods

Apples. They contain the natural antioxidant pectin. This is a natural fat-fighter that limits the amount of potentially destructive fat in your adipose cells. When pectin antioxidants are released in your system, they stimulate your metabolism to scour your adipose cells, detoxifying the clusters of harmful free radicals.

Barley. Contains soluble fiber that helps bring down cholesterol to keep your circulatory system clean and healthy. This whole grain substitutes nicely for pasta or rice as a side dish and in salads, soups, and casseroles. As little as a half cup of cooked barley a day may be enough to keep your cholesterol under control.

Brewer’s yeast. The dried, pulverized cells of the yeast plant Saccharomyces cerevisiae, it is a powerful source of many highly concentrated nutrients. It can be a potent antioxidant food. It is almost 50 percent protein. Brewer’s yeast influences your basal metabolism to regenerate your cells and build immunity to harmful viruses.

Celery. Fresh raw celery has a high concentration of calcium. This mineral initiates an antioxidant reaction by energizing your endocrine system to produce hormones that scrub out fatty wastes from your cells. Celery is a prime source of magnesium and iron, two antioxidant minerals that enrich your blood cells to give you youthful immunity.

Chili peppers. Ever notice how hot, spicy foods make your eyes water and nose run? This is good news – this food contains capsaicin, a compound that triggers natural reflexes to flood your respiratory system with watery secretions. This extra fluid thins mucous that clogs breathing passages, allowing it to pass more easily out of your lungs. Careful – chili peppers are very hot so you might want to eat them in moderation. Or else, cook in a mild stew with other flavorings. Hot peppers boost metabolism to improve your resistance against illness.

Cranberries. Malic and benzoic acids are antioxidants found in these red berries that detoxify free radicals. Because cranberries are tart, use them with a small amount of honey or concentrated fruit juice; or add sliced pears or bananas to freshly prepared cranberries. Their juice dispatches antioxidants to stimulate your metabolic system to function as an all-natural diuretic. For urinary tract infections, cranberry juice flushes the kidneys and kills bacteria, easing the distress.

Cucumber. A great natural diuretic. This vegetable helps release accumulated liquids that might turn acid and destroy cells. Cucumbers are a good source of such antioxidants as silicon and sulphur along with a potent level of potassium, making them a powerhouse of cell cleansing. You can feel as “cool as a cucumber” and look just as youthful with this refreshing metabolic stimulant.

Eggplant. A good source of alkaline minerals that dilute waste accumulations and make them easier to eliminate. Also has fiber that gives a “full” feeling with less food.

Garlic. A prime source of selenium and a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process and protects the body against environmental pollution. Garlic selenium influences your genetic code and builds resistance to the ravages of aging. It dissolves free radicals found in fatty tissues. Selenium works with vitamin E in the garlic to neutralize free radicals; this protects against damage to cell membranes and other vital components in your body, especially your genetic material. Garlic has a rich concentration of antioxidants that balance your blood pressure, enrich your bloodstream, boost immunity, and give you stamina and youthful vitality. Garlic’s sulphur compounds enter your cells and stimulate immune responses that help to build immunity to cancer. Garlic helps reduce the incidence of blood clots. Several garlic cloves daily do the trick. To protect against “garlic breath,” take grated carrots at the same time or chew a bit of parsley or a clove.

Kale. The dark, leafy greens provide beta carotene which protects against cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Kale contains a substance called indole-3-carbinole, which protects against heart problems. In particular, kale’s antioxidants break down the hormone estrogen into inactive by-products. Excess estrogen in the blood could trigger breast tumors.

Nuts and Seeds. A “must” in your youth-extending program. Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, and squash seeds are rich sources of zinc (a dynamic antioxidant) and protein. Nuts and seeds also contain a protease inhibitor, which acts as an antioxidant. One handful daily provides a sufficient amount of antioxidants that help you “eat away illness” of cellular destruction.

Soybeans. They contain lecithin which releases lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT). This by-product serves as a barrier and defense mechanism against viral micro-organisms that would otherwise threaten your molecules. LCAT breaks down the free radicals and helps flush them out of your system. The LCAT antioxidant process, via soybeans, protects against premature aging.

Sprouts. More than just a grassy accoutrement to a sandwich or salad, sprouts have high levels of many nutrients, especially vitamin C. Mung bean sprouts are potent in calcium and magnesium which rejuvenate metabolism. Wheat sprouts block the damage caused to cells by free radicals. In any combination, a large serving of sprouts (preferably raw) will boost your defense mechanism against the aging process.

Sweet potatoes. Botanically, they have no relation to the white potato and belong in a class by themselves. Their gold-colored flesh is a prime source of beta carotene, the valuable antioxidant that fights cellular erosion. Other immune boosters include improving the cardiovascular system, protection against cancer, and countering the formation of free radicals. As a healthful accompaniment to a main course or as a snack by itself, the sweet potato is a “must” in your quest for youth foods.

Tomatoes. Rich in vitamin C and natural citric acids that stimulate your metabolic and immune processes, tomatoes and tomato juice act as a diuretic by stimulating your kidneys to wash out free radicals. The tomato signals your kidneys to promote a detoxification of accumulated viral microorganisms that can threaten your health.

Watermelon. A prime source of minerals that rejuvenate your system and boost waste-washing. If you feel “over-loaded” or “clogged up” and are finding it difficult to detoxify yourself of radical fragments, then several slices of watermelon should do the cleansing trick.

Wheat germ. An excellent source of B-complex vitamins, especially thiamine, which energizes your metabolism. Also contains vitamin E, which protects the fat-containing tissues from damaging reactions caused by free radicals. A one-ounce serving of wheat germ contains 62 percent polyunsaturated oil, needed to dislodge free radicals and free your cells from impediment.

Yogurt. This is a fermented milk product that is rich in calcium and is reputed to help ward off colon cancer and other gastrointestinal problems. Yogurt is also believed to promote longevity by strengthening the immune system. It has a fine curd which speeds up assimilation. Yogurt contains lactobacillus bacteria, which establishes a good environment for better digestion. A cup or two of yogurt daily (be sure it has no sugar or salt; read labels) will create gastrointestinal vigor, the foundation of super youth.

Alfalfa, Kelp, Irish Moss and Bee Pollen are the most potent natural vitamin, mineral and enzyme containing foods in nature’s realm. Bee Pollen is a great natural tonic and helps regulate all body functions. Alfalfa, Kelp, and Irish Moss are excellent natural detoxifiers and sources of nutrients.

You can find these foods in almost all health food stores and most neighborhood groceries. Make them a part of your daily shopping list so you can eat away illness and enjoy molecular rejuvenation.

So, as you conclude this Miracle Makeover Health Correspondence Course we hope that your life has taken on new meaning and health in body, mind and spirit. You no longer take your health for granted. You’re no longer willing to settle for sluggish mornings and tired afternoons. Our friends tell us that this new awareness of how they feel has been the most important overall change in their lives since the Makeover. They’ve gained a fine-tuned appreciation of the state of their health. Not that they’ve become obsessive, but now they know how they should feel; how they want to feel. They appreciate what God is creating within them: a blessed sense of peace and health.

We hope that you think of the Makeover as a new beginning. Our hope is that as you have finished this course, you’ve begun a new phase of your life. We pray that the good Lord has blessed you physically, mentally and spiritually through this Course. Can we be of more spiritual benefit for you in the future? We believe that we are living in very exciting, yet dangerous times. If ever there was a time that God’s children have to be healthy in body, mind and spirit it must be now.

One great benefit you’re probably noticing is a new-found sense of confidence and inner security. This new confidence can be even more valuable than improved health because it is confidence that will help you keep on track, enjoying the benefits of the Makeover for years to come – perhaps for eternity. Again, congratulations. We will be sending you your certificate in the mail shortly. You’ve done something extraordinary: You’ve cooperated with the Lord in changing your life. But the adventure is just beginning. Make the best of it. Nothing can stop you now. Ask the Lord to continue to guide and lead you into all good things and He will continue to give you health and happiness in every way.