Welcome to the Miracle Makeover Correspondence Course. We are glad that you have chosen to take this Course because it just may well prove to be the first step to a completely new life for you. There are so many health problems in our increasingly polluted environment that we have to become creative and positive in our food and lifestyle choices. This Course is designed to help you to make those choices in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

This Course has been over 3 years in preparation. We have taken all the latest and the best of the natural foods and healing information to pass onto you. We have drawn from some previously published material as well as some very new studies and information to be of most service to you. You will notice that some of the lessons are written in different styles due to different authors. On our writing staff we have several Biological Doctors, Clinical and Certified Nutritionists to give you the best in their different areas of expertise.

To the same degree that you apply yourself to improving your health through this Course, you will have results. We have made the layout of the Course as direct and straightforward as possible so you can start to enjoy the benefits of improved health as soon as possible. It comes to you with much hope that it will help you on the way to your own health, vitality and encouragement. We are going to explore a step-by-step way for you to know optimal health. The program has been formulated to keep any craving for harmful substances or behaviors to a minimum by nourishing your body and mind beforehand. At any rate, we hope and trust that the Course will be informative and life changing at every lesson and step.

The first 8 lessons of the Course will give you the tools to gain control over your own internal environment, the next five will show the principles of healthy living in more detail, and the final section will enable you to undo as much as possible, the effects of our poisoned environment, while avoiding or treating some prevalent conditions of our time.