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The International Missionary Society Seventh-day Adventist Church Reform Movement first appeared as a distinct organization in German shortly after WWI (1914-1918). Its first members were former Seventh-day Adventist who had been disfellowshipped during WWI for their “unchristian conduct” in openly opposing leaders of the church for supporting the war and committing its young men to the battlefield, weapons in hand.

IMS Beliefs

Explore the Biblical topics of IMS Beliefs such as: The Holy Scriptures, God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Origin of the Human Race, The Plan of Redemption, Christ Our Righteousness, God’s Law – the Ten Commandments, The Fourth Commandment – the Sabbath, Marriage, The Change in God’s Law, the Spirit of Prophecy, and many more.

Current IMS Projects

International Missionary Society (IMS) is a missionary organization dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 to the entire world through internet, online publications, Bible and prophecy study, Health courses and presentations, and more. We are working toward some projects that will be fulfilled right here in the mission field of Canada.

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The Reformation Messenger – July 2019

December 2019
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The Good Samaritan

Enchanted Journey Presentation

Adventist Reformation Study Course

Dear Fellow Advent Believer,

Grace and peace be unto you. This course may well have a profound effect on your spiritual experience in the present truth of the three angels’ messages.

This course has been prepared under much prayer and is sent to you in the fear of the Lord in the belief that what is offered here is of the greatest value to every sincere Seventh-day Adventist. Many things that may have puzzled you for a long time–questions that have remained unanswered–will find their solution in this study of the reformatory work which God calls for. We feel certain that as you progress in this course you will realize the great value of its contents.

To give you a fair idea as to the scope of the course, here are some of the highlights:
The 1888 Conference
The Remnant
Events after 1888
The Laodicean Message
Laodicea and the Shaking
The Angel of Revelation 18
The Christian and the War
The 144,000

Know Your Bible Study Course

WELCOME to the study of the Bible in the ‘Know Your Bible Correspondence Course’. It has been specially prepared to help you “get into” your own Bible. And the subjects you will delve into concern not just your happiness right now but, even more importantly, your eternal destiny.

To give you a fair idea as to the scope of the course, here are some of the highlights:
The Holy Scriptures
God’s Plan
The Sanctuary
God’s Church
Christ Our Righteousness
The Remnant

New Horizons Bible Study Course

While the Bible contains a wealth of religious/theological and historical information, it is primarily God’s speaking to man on a spiritual level. There are “new horizons” above and beyond every person’s typical day-to-day existence. The holy Scriptures give history, society, man himself, and the future a perspective that is very different from that portrayed in popular education, media, and religion. This course will present some of that unique perspective.

Miracle Makeover Health Course

Welcome to the Miracle Makeover Correspondence Course. We are glad that you have chosen to take this Course because it just may well prove to be the first step to a completely new life for you. There are so many health problems in our increasingly polluted environment that we have to become creative and positive in our food and lifestyle choices. This Course is designed to help you to make those choices in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

This Course has been over 3 years in preparation. We have taken all the latest and the best of the natural foods and healing information to pass onto you. We have drawn from some previously published material as well as some very new studies and information to be of most service to you.