About International Missionary Society
The International Missionary Society Seventh-day Adventist Church Reform Movement first appeared as a distinct organization in German shortly after WWI (1914-1918).

Its first members were former Seventh-day Adventist who had been disfellowshipped during WWI for their “unchristian conduct” in openly opposing leaders of the church for supporting the war and committing its young men to the battlefield, weapons in hand.

The original Adventist Movement had come out of the greatest religious awakening and revival since apostolic times (1814-1844), but it was not until the American Civil War (1861-1865) that expedience demanded it organize as a distinct denomination.
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IMS Origin
This small group of faithful Adventists formed the nucleus of what is nowadays “The Seventh-Day Adventist Church”. New light was given to them concerning Christ’s Work in the Sanctuary, Saturday, Health Reform and Organization. A wonderful system Biblical Truth gradually unveiled, a system that supplies each necessity of our time. The central doctrine of the movement was the imminent and visible coming of Christ. All the tests, privations and sacrifices that the pioneers of the Adventist Movement faced were bear endured happily, because they believed firmly that Christ would come very soon. The high spiritual norm maintained by them was achieved thanks to this vivid hope.

The movement grew, prospered and was spread. Properties were bought and the number of members increased. Slowly the movement became church. During these first years the Seventh-Day Adventists were a special, different people and with specific message.
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IMS Beliefs
Explore the Biblical topics of IMS Beliefts such as: The Holy Scriptures, God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Origin of the Human Race, The Plan of Redemption, God’s Law-the Ten Commandments, The Fourth Commandment-the Sabbath, Marriage, The Change in God’s Law, and many more.
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