Do you have vague symptoms like frequent headaches, afternoon fatigue, insomnia, irritability digestive problems, minor backache or recurring cold? – then you could benefit tremendously from the Miracle Makeover program.

Perhaps the most common ailments of modern times are those which leave us with a general feeling of malaise and weakness without any specific, definable problem that can be treated clinically by a healthcare professional.

The myriad of natural healing alternatives available to us in our time show that the health consumer must make informed choices now more than ever before. After all, what are the alternatives in modern medicine? Drugs or surgery – almost always. Today, even many doctors recognize that they must enlist the patient’s own resources or the success rate of their therapies will be pretty dismal. Resources like the forces of mind, heart and will are of the utmost importance in healing, (or why would something like the doctor’s bedside manner be so important for their patients?)

The end of the 20th Century has seen man’s lifespan go up marginally, but the quality of life goes down. Witness our increasingly poisoned environment, cancer at pandemic proportions and heart disease and stroke increasing every year. The only thing we have sure control over, our internal environment, can in the end make the greatest difference for the earth. Because how we eat, drink, dress and buy our everyday products affects how others treat the earth.

Why is Prevention Best?

Perhaps as much as 98% of healing goes on in the prevention stage as a part of the Immune System’s response to conditions in the body. This is to be preferred if at all possible because it is before the burden of sickness has to be carried that the Immune System is the strongest.

Natural things are a great help because they work in harmony with our bodies’ Immune Systems. But there are times, especially in emergency conditions that we must respect the signals our bodies are sending us and consult a Medical Doctor, a Chiropractor or Specialist. One of the many nice things about natural remedies though is that they can be used by nearly everybody at home and usually they are very inexpensive.

Any condition that demands immediate medical intervention like a broken bone, stroke, heart disease and any type of tumour should not be considered initially for natural treatment. Common sense tells us that natural treatment wouldn’t do much good on short notice in these conditions. But in longterm treatment, nutrition can be of great service in improving these conditions or even curing some of them.

You see, our bodies are nourished only by that which we feed them. Good blood, bones, and connective tissue can only be built up by what we eat. The famous saying, ‘”You are what you eat, ” is very true -and not only our bodies need proper nourishment but our minds do also.

There was a case of a young woman who had a very good, active mind but through persistent neglect of her health she became mentally deranged to the point of not recognizing her own family. She walked around as a zombie. Her mother had tried just about everything else that the doctors had recommended and nothing seemed to work. She heard about a place called the Brain-Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey. Dr. Carl Pfeiffer treated his patients only with nutritional biological means and achieved a very high rate of success. This mother desperately asked the missionary in her church what should be done with her daughter. He said, “What have you got to lose?”

The mother did send her daughter to the Brain-Bio Center and she came home that afternoon after being treated as an outpatient. They had simply taken blood and hair samples, seen her nutritional deficiencies and treated her accordingly with the right kind of vitamins. She came home with about $50.00 worth of vitamins which her mother was instructed to have her take faithfully. So she would make her daughter take these vitamins twice a day. After about 2 – 3 weeks of taking these vitamins she woke up one morning, threw back the covers of the bed and said, “I’m ready to live for a change – what’s happening this morning?” All of her former condition was changed and forgotten and to this day she is fine.

We may benefit tremendously from the concept , “let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine”. – Hippocrates

Part of our natural ways and means of life – wouldn’t that be the ideal way to prevent disease? North Americans have spoken for years concerning the necessity of eating a better diet, cutting down on saturated fat and cholesterol and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Now the Revised Food Guide even recommends 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You could say that modern science has finally come around to the natural healing position. What has taken them so long? Lots of things actually…Things like doctors only receiving a few weeks teaching on nutrition but years on drugs, chemo, radiation and other radical therapies, a very strong cattlemen’s and dairymen’s association lobby in the legislatures of North America and our general carelessness. Let’s face it: high fat, sugar and salt content in foods makes them taste better, right? But these things are killing us by the millions – so what to do? Change our diets by re-educating our tastebuds to like what is good for us and thus promote healing and prevention of disease in the first place.

According to statistics, though more that 80% of North America’s population know that they must make personal changes to their diets and lifestyles in order to avoid dangerous disease, fewer than 20% of North Americans are motivated to make any change at all in their diet or lifestyle.

In this pamphlet we will look over some of those motivators that may just help us to get over our inertia – that we may do what is best for our health, or at least start moving in that direction.

The immune system can only handle so much and when it reaches the saturation point, the overflow is known as disease. Let’s compare the Immune System with a cup:

Let’s say this cup is half full. The water symbolizes all those environmental poisons and problems that we have little or no control over; polluted water, air and soil. Let’s say this cup, (the immune system) is already 50% full. What are we to do? Perhaps we could eat organically grown food, live out in a retired spot where the air is cleaner and buy a water purifier for our homes. But I’m afraid even these, by themselves would not be enough. Well, we can control what goes into our mouths in the form of food and we can reduce or eliminate poisonous substances like tobacco, alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine, etc. In this way, we can prevent the cup from running over and stave off disease.

Now that we’ve said so much about disease and the Immune System let’s define what health is: “The condition of being sound in mind, body or spirit, especially freedom from physical disease or pain: the general condition of the body.” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. And even more than the dictionary’s definition we could say that health includes the aspects of energy, vitality and cooperating with the laws of nature in maintaining the body, mind and spirit’s balance.

The body and mind need to be nourished and continually built up especially now when degenerative, wasting diseases threaten us. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, as the saying goes because the body’s Immune System works so much better in the prevention mode without the extra burden of disease.

Generally speaking, “We are what we eat”, and if we expect good quality health we must eat good quality food. Natural remedies, like food left in its natural state as much as possible, work to deliver to the body and mind what they need.

Remember one thing: to the degree that you faithfully adhere to this program there will be the same degree of health, vitality and energy manifested in your life.

Thomas A. Edison predicted….”The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, the diet, and the cause and prevention of disease.”

The idea of this program is to nourish your body and mind before starting your new health regimen so that you will have the nutritional foundation on which to build your new health and by extension, your new life. If you have any health-destroying habits, appetites or attitudes (don’t we all?) to give up, this program will help you to achieve your goal without a lot of willpower. In fact, this program has been devised with little or no will-power involved specifically because the body’s nutritional requirements are being met.

Even if you’ve failed to improve your habits in the past, we believe this program will give you success. The Miracle Makeover Course uses a tried and true method, combining physiological, psychological and spiritual techniques of habit change that treats habits as addictions. You need all the help to break your habits that a hardcore addict needs to kick heroin, because these habits are tightly woven into the fabric of your life.

What the Miracle Makeover Course will do for you through the modification of diet, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements and the substitution of new habits will help you adjust your body chemistry so that it won’t be fighting the changes you’re making.

For example, there are many people who crave sweets and never imagined that they could give them up. These folks often begin their day with a Danish and sweetened coffee, sometimes a candy bar in the middle of the day and dessert with dinner. Often the desire is there to give up so much sugar but these folks don’t really believe they can. They carefully work out ways to change their coffee and dessert habits but anticipate that they will feel deprived at best. Then when they take a readily available mineral, Chromium, these people see that their desire for sweets disappears.

Chromium is the supplement you’ll be taking to help control the highs and lows of blood sugar that make you feel tired and irritable. This is an example of how the Miracle Makeover Course can help your body become an ally instead of an enemy. By taking Chromium you can be successful at controlling your sweet tooth. You can be pleased at the change in your moods, energy level and in the weight loss that results from the reduced calorie intake. Now certainly, if you depend on just your will power to stay away from sweets, the task would be formidable. But with the help of Chromium to stabilize your metabolism, giving up sugar isn’t such a terrible ordeal.

The combination of mind, body and spirit is a proven method that gives the motivation for continuing with the program right away because you feel so much better. “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. 3 John 2. When we look up beyond ourselves to see how much a loving Creator wants us to have good health it is the best motivation and source of strength imaginable. As you go through the first section of the course you will be adding another nutrient, technique or attitude to enable you to get over the next step. It’s all been planned out, you see.. so here’s to your physical, mental and spiritual health and your Miracle Makeover…