SSL 2016 – 3rd Quarter

///SSL 2016 – 3rd Quarter
SSL 2016 – 3rd Quarter2016-07-02T02:46:08+00:00

Sabbath School Lessons 2016
SSL 2016 – 3rd Quarter

Lesson 01 – The Books of Daniel and the Revelation

Lesson 02 – The Three Angels’ Messages

Lesson 03 – The People of God and the Sanctuary Doctrine

Lesson 04 – The Investigative Judgment

Lesson 05 – Laodicea–People of the Judgment

Lesson 06 – Show the People Their Transgressions

Lesson 07 – “Be Zealous Therefore, and Repent!”

Lesson 08 – The Tares and the Good Seed

Lesson 09 – The Shaking

Lesson 10 – One Head, One Body

Lesson 11 – The Tares and the Good Seed

Lesson 12 – The History of Israel, a Warning for God’s People Today

Lesson 13 – God’s People in the World, but Not of the World

Lesson 14 – Repairers of the Breach

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